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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, July 7, 2014

Legacy Fund of Hamilton County Awards $160,000+
More information contact: Mike Knight

Grants will address community-wide needs, including hunger, affordable housing, support for the arts, education and more.

CARMEL, IN — Legacy Fund of Hamilton County, an affiliate of the Central Indiana Community Foundation, awarded a total of $162,400 in grants as approved by Legacy Fund’s Board of Directors at its May 12th, 2014 board meeting.

The grant awards included $137,400 in grants made to 13 not-for-profits serving Hamilton County residents. The LINK Advisory Council, a youth-based philanthropic council created by Legacy Fund, also awarded $10,000 to three other not-for-profit organizations serving Hamilton County residents. An additional matching grant of $15,000 in partnership with the Hamilton County Convention and Visitors Bureau was made to help build capacity at county-based arts organizations (both organizations contributed $15,000 each to support the project).

The grants were made possible by Legacy Fund’s Community Endowment Fund, and also The Sheridan Fund and the City of Noblesville Fund, which awarded city-specific grants. The Donald W. Johnson Fund for Shepherd’s Center of Hamilton County, which addresses senior-focused issues, made an additional grant.

The Legacy Fund Community Endowment Fund is an “unrestricted” fund created by donors with an interest in supporting Hamilton County. The City of Noblesville Fund was created to focus on Noblesville-specific issues. The Sheridan Fund was created by the Biddle Memorial Foundation and JBS United to address issues specific to the town of Sheridan. The Donald W.. Johnson Fund for Shepherd’s Center of Hamilton County was created in 2012 to better support the County’s senior-needs. Grant allocations from the Community Endowment Fund are approved by Legacy Fund Board of Directors.

Created in 2002 by Legacy Fund to give Hamilton County youth an opportunity to be directly involved in their community and to inspire leadership in high school students through service, grantmaking and educational opportunities, The LINK Advisory Council made grants to support Second Helpings (a food rescue and re-use organization); Hamilton County East Public Library and Live the Way, Inc., which supports a community garden program in Noblesville.

“These broad-based, community endowment funds demonstrate our donors’ commitment to Hamilton County,” said Corby D. Thompson, board chair, Legacy Fund. “They also demonstrate our donors’ faith in Legacy Fund’s grants staff and board of directors’ ability to identify critical issues and needs, and then support effective not-for-profits that are addressing those needs.”


Legacy Fund: Hamilton County Grants


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, March 18, 2013

A Family Affair
Author by Terry Anker, Associate Editor of Current Publishing LLC.
Original post:

As humans on this planet, we should all care about character. It helps keep us from killing each other, to be sure. But more importantly, it expects that we pay for our own consumption, that we care for our own offspring, that we help those who can’t help themselves and that we respect the rights and desires of others to do the same. Yet, character all too often seems to get precious little attention.

In fact, modern dictionaries tend to list character as a set of distinctive traits rather than a more traditional reading that would associate the word with especially positive qualities. Perhaps, reality television players are distinctive while folks who raise their children, love their spouses and pay their taxes have character.

So, how does one hope to teach it? Is it even something that is able to be instilled by training? Or, must it come from within the person who exhibits it? Most likely, character must be modeled if we hope to pass the quality on to our subsequent generations.

The small town of Sheridan boasts many who lead by example. Among them is the family behind the Biddle Memorial Foundation. Brian Myers, a decedent of the founder and board member of the trust, remembers the generosity of his parents and grandparents even as he helps guide the philanthropic vision of the family’s giving today. It’s not easy. There are always more requests than resources. Everybody has a favorite project. The need is great. Fortunately, character doesn’t expect perfection, but it only demands determination. This month, the family, along with local business JBS United, committed to the creation of The Sheridan Fund, administered by the Legacy Fund, Hamilton County’s Community Foundation, to work for the benefit of the historic village. To me, this is an example to follow.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Fund Created to Help Sheridan Not-For-Profits Serve Residents and Community

New Fund Created to Help Sheridan Not-For-Profits Serve Residents and Community Sheridan, Indiana – The Sheridan Fund, a new fund created by The Biddle Memorial Foundation, a Sheridan-based private foundation formed by the late Ken and Velma Biddle, and JBS United, an animal health and nutrition provider also based in Sheridan, will provide grant support to the area’s effective not-for-profits with a focus on human- and social-services.

The fund was created on February 12, 2013, with an initial gift of $25,000 from JBS United and The Biddle Memorial Foundation. To be administered by the Legacy Fund’s Grant Review Committee, gifts from The Sheridan Fund may be granted to not-for-profits with 501(c)(3) accreditation in Sheridan or those providing services to Sheridan residents. Grants will be made to organizations only; accredited not-for-profits may apply for grants from The Sheridan Fund at:

Individuals who would like to contribute to the fund may do so by sending a check to Legacy Fund, attn: The Sheridan Fund, 515 E. Main Street, Carmel, Indiana, 46032. Checks should be made payable to Legacy Fund, and please include “The Sheridan Fund” on the check memo. “The Grant Review Committee currently partners with the City of Noblesville on a similar fund and the impact has rippled through the county with other key municipalities reaching out to us with questions about creating their own funds,” said Terry Anker, Legacy Fund President. “Being part of Legacy Fund’s Grant Review Committee myself and seeing the good work of The Noblesville Fund, I really felt as though Sheridan could benefit in the same way as the Noblesville community has,” said Brian Myers, President of The Biddle Memorial Foundation. “The most rewarding part of the process has been working with John Swisher at JBS. They jumped at the chance to help Sheridan, and I have been humbled at how quickly they moved to get this going.”

“The level of service Legacy Fund provides is simply unmatched. With this fund the administration, applications, everything is handled at Legacy Fund. This makes sense, and it will be seamless without burden. It was an obvious fit for us,” Myers said.


Legacy Fund was established in 1991, and is an affiliate with the Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF), has served Hamilton County since 1991, transforming communities including Arcadia, Atlanta, Carmel, Cicero, Fishers, Noblesville, Sheridan, Westfield – and all points in-between. We’re changing Hamilton County through:

  1. CHARITABLE ADVISING with caring individuals, private foundations and professional advisors
  2. GRANTMAKING to effective not-for-profits that are making a difference
  3. COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP that convenes, facilitates and seizes opportunities – for everyone

For more information about Legacy Fund, please visit:


Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF) is a $600 million public foundation transforming the lives of central Indiana residents in three ways: consulting donors, family foundations and their professional advisors on charitable giving; awarding grants to effective not-for-profit organizations; and providing leadership to address community needs and seize opportunities. CICF was established in 1997 as a partnership between The Indianapolis Foundation, serving Marion County since 1916, and Legacy Fund, serving Hamilton County since 1991. For more information about CICF, visit, or contact Mike Knight below.

Mike Knight
CICF Director of Communications
317.634.2423 ext. 187 MEDIA ONLY: 317.931.8135 (CELL)

Legacy Fund


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